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Team Training

Unite and conquer with our Team Training sessions. Designed for teams eager to surpass their limits and enhance cohesion through shared goals.

The VSP Results

Team Success Stories

Day One

Begin with a comprehensive team assessment to identity collective strengths and opportunities for growth

Month One

Notice an upswing in team dynamics, endurance, and overall physical readiness.

Month Three

Observe the translation of training into competitive advantages, with improved team synergy and individual performance.

One Year

Reflect on a journey of transformation, celebrating a team that's not not only stronger but more united in pursuit of excellence.

Transforming Athletes Through Training

At Victory Sports Performance (VSP), we’re not just about workouts; we’re about creating stories of transformation and success. Consider the journey of Marcus Johnson, a dedicated high school soccer player with aspirations of playing collegiately.

Caeley Monez

Northport High School Field Hockey

I am a Northport field hockey player who started training at VSP over a year and a half ago with the want to become the fastest and most motivated as possible. At my time here I have done more than that. I have achieved my goals and surpassed them to a point where I never thought I would get to. The trainers who pushed me to achieve my goals have made my experience the best it ever could be. Being here at VSP means having people who constantly motivate you to be better and more capable player on the field. I recommend VSP for athletes who strive to push their goals to the limit and look to improve their performance in their athletic career.

Program Benefits

Team Training

Our Team Training sessions are more than workouts; they’re a catalyst for team evolution and individual growth. 


Foster deeper connections and understanding among teammates, enhancing on-field synchronization and off-field bonds.

Team Bonding

Strengthen the emotional and strategic ties within your team, building a resilient and supportive network.

Visible Improvement

Witness the collective and individual progress that stands out, marking your team as one to watch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Victory Sports Performance.

Tailored strength and conditioning programs that focus on building speed, agility, and strength.

Start with a group assessment to align your team’s goals with our expert training strategies.

Yes, we offer virtual training to keep teams connected and progressing, regardless of distance.

Our emphasis on both athletic prowess and team dynamics sets us apart, fostering an unbeatable spirit of camaraderie and resilience.

Sports teams of all ages and levels looking to elevate their performance and cohesion.

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