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Junior Training Program

Elevate your child’s athletic journey with our specialized Junior Program at VSP. Geared towards ages 7-10. Our coaches prioritize a fun and supportive environment, fostering a love for fitness and teamwork that lasts a lifetime. Enroll your young athlete today and watch them flourish! 

The VSP Results

Exceptional Growth, Tangible Outcomes

Day One

Your VSP journey starts with a deep dive into your personal strengths and areas to enhance.

Month One

Feel the difference in balance and coordination as your speed and agility begin to improve.

Month Three

Witness your training pay off with notable advancements in performance in your sport.

One Year

Reflect on a journey of substantial personal evolution, with newfound ambition now within reach.

Transforming Athletes Through Training

At Victory Sports Performance (VSP), we have witnessed remarkable transformations in athletes who have trained with us. Take Peyton Costello, for example. She came to VSP as a track and field star with dreams of making it to the the state championship.

Peyton Costello

William and Mary Soccer

“I started VSP during the pandemic when I was in eighth grade. This was before colleges could recruit me to play soccer, so I was trying to do as much as possible in the years prior to get stronger and faster. Throughout my years at VSP I have became much stronger, more explosive, and my running form has become much more efficient. This has helped me become a much better soccer player and improved my game significantly. The coaches at VSP have been so encouraging throughout my entire athletic journey and have helped me to grow into the player I am today.”

Program Benefits

Why Choose Junior

Empower your young athlete’s journey with VSP Junior Program — where each session sparks strength, agility, and the drive to reach new heights. Join us in cultivating champions from the start!

Community of Champions

Surround yourself with peers who inspire and challenge you, fostering a network of support and motivation.

Training That Excites

Rediscover the joy in training with sessions that are as enjoyable as they are effective, keeping you eager for every workout.

Visible Progress

Our approach ensures you’re not just working hard but also seeing the rewards of your dedication in and out of the gym.

Elevate Your Performance Now

Embark on a journey where your strength, endurance, and spirit grow with every session. Join our community and start shaping your future today.

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