At Victory Sports Performance, culture is everything. We love having athletes who not only want to achieve their goals, but love being here as well. Using a semi-private training method, although each athlete is following their own individual program, they are constantly motivating and inspiring one another through their own hard work. We strive to ensure every athlete is not only improving their performance, but enjoying the ride as well!


It all starts with an assessment. This is a critical step in the training process.  During this 1-on-1 consultation, the athlete will be evaluated from head to toe, looking at:

  • Movement dysfunctions
  • Strength
  • Speed/Agility
  • Energy Systems

Along with this, goals and needs of the athlete are discussed pertaining to nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle.
After the assessment, the program is created and we get after it!


Individualized training in a group setting with a coach to athlete ratio of 1:5, this keeps every person supervised and coached at all points of the workout. Each athlete has unique needs, therefore they all need different programs, this prevents: injuries, plateauing, and generalization. The program is tailored to the athlete’s movement dysfunctions, strength needs, and speed/agility requirements based off the assessment. The other athletes will be following their own program; having others around promotes a motivating, positive environment that keeps the kids focused and enticed.


For coaches looking to get their team prepared for the demands of the sport. This can be done on or off site depending on the team and program. Each athlete will be following the same program, the workouts will be tailored to the team’s needs and goals.

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