At Victory Sports Performance, we understand the difference between every sport and how to program for them effectively. Each sport demands different needs, and each needs to be programmed for the athlete depending on who the athlete is. The great thing about VSP is that we always tailor the program around the athlete first and the sport second.


Being explosive, quick, and fast in multiple planes of motion is crucial for a sport like lacrosse. Along with that, is the demand for multiple levels of energy systems functioning together to keep a player at the peak of their game. It is important to assess and correct lateral, rotational, and linear movement in this game to meet the high level requirements of the sport.

Soccer / Field Hockey

Similar to the demands of lacrosse: explosiveness, speed, quickness, and energy system needs. The ability to control all of these parameters and apply them to the soccer field will help you not have to sub out, not get pushed off the ball, and put the ball on a rope.

Baseball / Softball

Preventing and reducing the risk of injury in a game that has so many injuries to the shoulder, elbow, back, and other areas of the body is extremely important. Performing an arm care program with your training is a must in order to stay on the field. Along with that, developing rotational power from the core to the arms will help drive the ball while hitting and pitch the ball effectively without getting hurt.


Power, strength, and speed. The three physical parameters needed to excel in this game. This can all be trained with the proper programming designed for the position and needs of the athlete. Whether it is to be explosive off the line, cut on a dime, or break through a tackle, these parameters will come into play and need to be trained.


If you cant jump, start, or stop; basketball is a tough game. Training these aspects of the game will enhance the athlete to be able to get the rebound or drive through defenders.


There’s not many sports where the spotlight is just on the athlete. In a sport of individuality mental toughness is a must. Along with strength to resist being turned and power to finish the double leg. Don’t forget flexibility, this helps fighting off a single leg or that arm bar. These can all be trained through a carefully designed program to meet all the demands of the sport.


Learn how to use your body in the most effective way by using the techniques given to you by our TPI Certified instructor. Golf is all about the connection between your muscles and your mind. Take your game to the next level. 

Swim / Gymnastics

Stability and flexibility. Two parameters that need to be present in order to prevent injuries and excel at these sports. Although very different, they are very similar. Most athletes are hypermobile (flexible) and have injuries unlike any other sport. It is important to train the athletes to bullet proof their joints and increase strength in positions the sports demand.

Track & Field

Depending on your event in this sport, the demands can be very different. Sprinters will work to become more explosive and quick. Distance runners will work on increasing their endurance. Field athletes will work on building strength that best suits their event’s needs. 

Each sport is a part of our programs. Above are the most popular, but we also program for hockey, tennis, volleyball, and dance.