Meet Our Staff

At Victory Sports Performance, we’re more than a gym; we’re a movement dedicated to transforming athletes into champions. Our expert-led programs, tailored to individual goals and potential, ensure you’re not just reaching your targets—you’re surpassing them. Join us and unlock a new level of athletic excellence.


Our Coaches

Meet our team of professional coaches and staff.

Anthony Vernice


Anthony Vernice, founder of VSP, combines a Health Sciences degree with CSCS and TPI certifications to inspire over 1,000 athletes. Off-duty, he enjoys golf and exploring culinary worlds.

Jake Kaplan

Director of Operations

Jake Kaplan, with a B.S. in Exercise Science and CSCS certification, is dedicated to enhancing athlete performance and well-being. He finds joy in snowboarding and beach days with friends.

Bobby Rera

Director of Nutrition

Temple University grad Bobby Rera fuels athletes’ physical and mental growth at VSP. He values VSP’s community spirit, where every success is celebrated together.

Dom Giammona

Strength Coach

Dominick Giammona’s coaching, grounded in his collegiate baseball experience, emphasizes speed, movement, and sport-specific training. Known for guiding athletes to scholarships, he’s passionate about athletic development.

Gigi Griffin

Strength Coach

Gigi Griffin, blending Exercise Science with Track & Field expertise, focuses on athletes’ physical and mental resilience. An artist at heart, she loves hiking and traveling.

Ryan Wappaus

Strength Coach

Ryan Wappaus, an Exercise Science graduate pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, specializes in rehab and conditioning, particularly for baseball athletes. He enjoys outdoor activities. 

Paul Gugliuzzo

Strength Coach

Paul Gugliuzzo, a Strength and Conditioning Coach at VSP, began his journey in 2019 as a college baseball player. After five years of training at VSP, he transitioned into coaching to share his experience with current athletes.