Coaching The Pallof Press

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The Pallof press has become one of the most popular anti-rotation core exercises in the strength and conditioning industry, and for good reason.  The Pallof press was created by John Pallof, a Physical Therapist In Massachusetts. The Pallof press is a fantastic core training exercise that teaches one to resist rotation (anti-rotation). The best part about it is that it … Read More

Athlete Goal Setting

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On the first page of our assessment form at VSP, underneath medical history, it asks the athlete to write their goals. Simple enough, they write what they want to accomplish from training here and it usually is the same answer from everyone. “I want to get stronger and faster.” They aren’t wrong about writing it, but it is never enough … Read More

Hyperextended Neck: Don’t Be A Pez Dispenser

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Picture a pez dispenser opening up from it’s neck and giving you that sweet tasty candy. It’s great when talking about candy, but with movement, we want to stay away from being a pez dispenser. Take a look at our buddy Dave above. On the left he has a hyperextended neck and on the left he has a neutral neck … Read More

Elite Baseball Development Program

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The problem: Countless times young baseball players complain that their arm hurts, velocity is not impriving, and/or find a place that can help them individually. Each athlete presents with different movement patterns and tendencies, making it difficult to find a throwing/strength and conditioning program that works for them. Our Solution: The Elite Baseball Development Program has developed a program that … Read More