How To Program Mobility/Stability Exercises Within Your Workouts

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Programming the best workout is something every coach aspires to do. If a coach says they know everything there is about programming, they shouldn’t be coaching. All of the respected coaches I have met in this field has admitted they know nothing. I find this very accurate, as soon as I uncover one answer, another question arises. It can be … Read More

Hyperextended Neck: Don’t Be A Pez Dispenser

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Picture a pez dispenser opening up from it’s neck and giving you that sweet tasty candy. It’s great when talking about candy, but with movement, we want to stay away from being a pez dispenser. Take a look at our buddy Dave above. On the left he has a hyperextended neck and on the left he has a neutral neck … Read More

Picking The Right Gym

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Whether you are an athlete or an accountant, you should be doing some form of exercise throughout the week. By now we know how important it is for you physically and mentally. Most, find it hard to stay motivated due to their lack of knowledge with exercising or have no accountability. That’s why it is important to find the right … Read More

3 A’s Of An Individualized Program

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Would you like if a doctor was treating you for strep throat even though you have chicken pox? No, I didn’t think so. Far too often, I see athletes going through programs that just aren’t for them. For example, if an athlete has short arms, long legs, and a history of lower back pain, they shouldn’t be pulling from the … Read More

3 Reasons To Train In Season

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So, you worked hard all offseason making gains in every way possible. You’re squatting 315 for reps, vertical increased 8 inches, and finally mastered your 90/90 hip mobility drill. Then, the season comes and you decide to not train in season. After the season, you can barely squat 275, get off the ground, and your hips are stiff as ever. … Read More

Rows: 3 Ways They Can Go Wrong

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In almost any program you look at, you will see some variation of rows (I hope). Examples of this movement are cable rows, barbell rows, TRX rows, and plenty of others. It’s especially popular in this era of terrible posture. The movement can certainly help strengthen postural muscles and get people out of that forward slumped posture. BUT many times, … Read More

Elite Baseball Development Program

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The problem: Countless times young baseball players complain that their arm hurts, velocity is not impriving, and/or find a place that can help them individually. Each athlete presents with different movement patterns and tendencies, making it difficult to find a throwing/strength and conditioning program that works for them. Our Solution: The Elite Baseball Development Program has developed a program that … Read More

Deadlifts: 4 Ways They Can Go Wrong

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Deadlifts are arguably one of the best ways to develop a strong posterior chain, but many times they do more harm than good. The first rule of strength and conditioning is Do No Harm, athletes should not be getting injured in the weight room. I’m going to talk about 4 ways deadlifts go wrong and how to fix them to … Read More

Elite Athlete Development Program

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Registration is now open! Victory Sports Performance has quickly emerged as a linchpin in a variety of athlete’s strength and conditioning training. Through proper sports performance training, the athlete’s have built their strength foundation, increased top-end speed, and surged their power output. This summer we are opening our doors to 20 new athletes to come prepare themselves for their sport. … Read More