3 Benefits of The Landmine Press

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The landmine is one of the most versatile tools in a strength coach’s belt. Why? The exercises and variations of them are endless. Specifically, the landmine press is one of my favorites. It has a lot of benefits with a small amount of risk for injury if done properly. The barbell overhead press is an exercise that can build a … Read More

Risk/Reward Analysis In Training

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“Life is all about taking risks” yea, maybe with asking that guy/gal out on a date or trying a new food, but certainly not in strength and conditioning! Before I ramble on about this topic, let me make myself clear, I do take risks with my athletes, but not at the expense of their athletic performance. What exactly do I … Read More

5 Ways To Prepare Your Body For Sports

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Imagine this: You are at a college showcase, with dozens of college recruiters watching carefully on the sidelines. You are running down the field, and next thing you know, you feel the back of your leg tense up and you can barely run. Your coach has to pull you off the field and you can’t go back in because of … Read More

3 Must Do Anti-Extension Core Exercises

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When you do your next set of squats or overhead presses, I want you to take a little video of yourself. A lot of you will find one thing in common, arching of the lower back. There are many ways of saying this: lordosis of lumbar, hyperextended back or ‘super S’. Frankly, I don’t care what you call it, but … Read More

3 Planes of Motion In Sport

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Athletes generally move in all three planes of motion during their sport. Jumping, running, hopping, throwing, spinning, almost any motion you can imagine occurs during sports. With that said, this needs to be taken into account while training. Three planes of motion: -Sagittal (forward/backward) -Frontal (side-to-side) -Transverse (rotation) When training we need to keep all planes of motion in mind. … Read More

3 Ways To Improve Your Push-Up

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In almost any program ever created, push-ups are in it. Why? They require no equipment, easy to accomplish, and you can get a pretty gnarly chest pump from it. But often times, they are butchered, people have found ways to make one of the most simple exercises look like a train wreck. Although great people have written plenty about doing … Read More

10 Ways To Be A Good Strength Coach

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Being a good strength coach is what many in the field aspire to be. Of course, we all want to be the best, but below are just a few things I think you should knock off before you even think about the training part. Don’t get me wrong, we can’t check all of these off and then go out and … Read More

Athlete Assessment

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So, you’re at the store looking for shoes. To your right, there is a middle-aged male, and to the left, there is a teenage female. All three of you have different shoe sizes, buying shoes for your own needs, and find different shoe companies better than others. So we can assume, each one of you will purchase different shoes. This … Read More

How To Program Mobility/Stability Exercises Within Your Workouts

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Programming the best workout is something every coach aspires to do. If a coach says they know everything there is about programming, they shouldn’t be coaching. All of the respected coaches I have met in this field has admitted they know nothing. I find this very accurate, as soon as I uncover one answer, another question arises. It can be … Read More

Hyperextended Neck: Don’t Be A Pez Dispenser

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Picture a pez dispenser opening up from it’s neck and giving you that sweet tasty candy. It’s great when talking about candy, but with movement, we want to stay away from being a pez dispenser. Take a look at our buddy Dave above. On the left he has a hyperextended neck and on the left he has a neutral neck … Read More