Keys To A Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Program

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Three 2 minute periods (college: 3/2/2 mins) in a circle that is 28 feet in diameter (college: 32 feet) and just two wrestlers battling until one wins and one loses. I have always found wrestling unique compared to other sports, the demands of the activity are mentally and physically fatiguing. There are some days you will have to wrestle three … Read More

Athlete Goal Setting

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On the first page of our assessment form at VSP, underneath medical history, it asks the athlete to write their goals. Simple enough, they write what they want to accomplish from training here and it usually is the same answer from everyone. “I want to get stronger and faster.” They aren’t wrong about writing it, but it is never enough … Read More

Getting Athletes To Buy In

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Writing a program for an athlete is pretty easy. Just have to put exercises, sets, and reps together in a calculated fashion and violà – a workout program is created. But if you are a jerk coach who just yells and acts angry while you conduct the session, you probably won’t get the most out of your athletes. Some of … Read More

Keys To A Baseball Strength and Conditioning Program

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In order to increase arm strength, throwing a baseball every day is not the answer. Plenty of kids always think this, but in reality, you can do more harm than good. A proper strength program is the most efficient way to build strength in the arm and improve overall athletic performance all while decreasing the risk of injury. In a … Read More

Keys To A Lacrosse Strength and Conditioning Program

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Contrary to popular belief, taking one thousand shots will not increase the velocity of your shot. Of course playing lacrosse will make you better, but it won’t necessarily get you to your goals in the most efficient way possible. So how do you work on your performance without playing lacrosse? I’m glad you asked. The answer is simple, workout! Strength … Read More

Importance Of Block One For An Athlete

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Most athletes that roll through VSP are between the ages of 12 and 16, most of who never worked out before. Each one of them present with different movement patterns, play different sports, and overall, are just different kids. With that said, they all have one thing in common; they all need a true first block of training. No athlete … Read More

3 Benefits of The Landmine Press

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The landmine is one of the most versatile tools in a strength coach’s belt. Why? The exercises and variations of them are endless. Specifically, the landmine press is one of my favorites. It has a lot of benefits with a small amount of risk for injury if done properly. The barbell overhead press is an exercise that can build a … Read More

Risk/Reward Analysis In Training

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“Life is all about taking risks” yea, maybe with asking that guy/gal out on a date or trying a new food, but certainly not in strength and conditioning! Before I ramble on about this topic, let me make myself clear, I do take risks with my athletes, but not at the expense of their athletic performance. What exactly do I … Read More

5 Ways To Prepare Your Body For Sports

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Imagine this: You are at a college showcase, with dozens of college recruiters watching carefully on the sidelines. You are running down the field, and next thing you know, you feel the back of your leg tense up and you can barely run. Your coach has to pull you off the field and you can’t go back in because of … Read More

3 Must Do Anti-Extension Core Exercises

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When you do your next set of squats or overhead presses, I want you to take a little video of yourself. A lot of you will find one thing in common, arching of the lower back. There are many ways of saying this: lordosis of lumbar, hyperextended back or ‘super S’. Frankly, I don’t care what you call it, but … Read More