Keys To A Team Strength and Conditioning Program

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When people think of strength and conditioning, they think of a whole football team yelling and screaming at their teammate to squat 800+ lbs. Don’t get me wrong, that type of environment is insane and very fun, but there is a lot more that goes into it than just loud music and max lifts. No matter if you are coaching … Read More

Always Be Coaching

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I was watching an old movie, “Glengarry Glen Ross” when I heard Alec Baldwin say “always be closing.” This phrase is very popular and was targeted at salesmen in the movie, but it resonated with me in a different way. So I decided to make my own little phrase “always be coaching.” This means when a training session is going … Read More

Four Carry Variations To Add To Your Workouts

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In a lot of “functional” training programs you may find different carry variations. Why? Because carrying things is functional! Think about it. Everyday you are carrying your purse, suitcase, baby, grocery bags, dishes, or any other normal activity you can think of. So doing it during your training has functional benefits that carryover to real-life experiences. Although carry variations have … Read More

Why We Love The Sled

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Rightfully so, the sled is a very popular piece of equipment in strength and conditioning facilities everywhere. They are fairly inexpensive and don’t take up too much space while still being able to use in many different ways. You may see a professional athlete pushing 1,000 lbs or others sprinting with them down the field. Either way there are various … Read More

The MUCH More Important Part of Programming

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We’ve all been there. Staring at the screen wondering what variation of whatever exercise we should program for that athlete. Then, perfectly pairing it up with the right core or mobility exercise that fits the best. It can be extremely frustrating because all of a sudden you just spent 20 minutes on one exercise. In this article, I am not … Read More

Coaching The Pallof Press

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The Pallof press has become one of the most popular anti-rotation core exercises in the strength and conditioning industry, and for good reason.  The Pallof press was created by John Pallof, a Physical Therapist In Massachusetts. The Pallof press is a fantastic core training exercise that teaches one to resist rotation (anti-rotation). The best part about it is that it … Read More

Keys To A Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Program

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Three 2 minute periods (college: 3/2/2 mins) in a circle that is 28 feet in diameter (college: 32 feet) and just two wrestlers battling until one wins and one loses. I have always found wrestling unique compared to other sports, the demands of the activity are mentally and physically fatiguing. There are some days you will have to wrestle three … Read More

Athlete Goal Setting

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On the first page of our assessment form at VSP, underneath medical history, it asks the athlete to write their goals. Simple enough, they write what they want to accomplish from training here and it usually is the same answer from everyone. “I want to get stronger and faster.” They aren’t wrong about writing it, but it is never enough … Read More

Getting Athletes To Buy In

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Writing a program for an athlete is pretty easy. Just have to put exercises, sets, and reps together in a calculated fashion and violà – a workout program is created. But if you are a jerk coach who just yells and acts angry while you conduct the session, you probably won’t get the most out of your athletes. Some of … Read More

Keys To A Baseball Strength and Conditioning Program

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In order to increase arm strength, throwing a baseball every day is not the answer. Plenty of kids always think this, but in reality, you can do more harm than good. A proper strength program is the most efficient way to build strength in the arm and improve overall athletic performance all while decreasing the risk of injury. In a … Read More