Victory Sports Performance strives to educate, build, and lead athletes of all ages to a successful future in not only their sport, but their life. Using research driven methods, coaches build an individualized program for each athlete and team, to ensure the absolute best results. We are dedicated to establish a culture that emphasizes a positive environment while instilling the core values of respect, safety and teamwork.


Anthony Vernice

Anthony Vernice is the Founder and the Director of Sports Performance at Victory Sports Performance. He graduated from Stony Brook University in the Spring of 2017 with his B.S. in Health Science with a concentration in Public Health. He also has his CSCS, USAW, and CAWC which all have helped shape his coaching in a variety of ways. He is committed to his craft; constantly reading and learning to help better himself to produce better training for the athletes. Through his principles he always ensures each program is individualized and tailored specifically to each athlete and their unique needs.

Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy has acted as an assistant coach and program developer for Victory Sports Performance. He graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with his B.S in Fitness and Wellness 2017. While studying to enter the field of sports performance Joe completed internships with the Stony Brook University Athletic Development Department and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Joe continuously encourages athletes to be the best version of themselves and fosters the appropriate behaviors to help them accomplish their goals. Joe has recently begun a Physical Education graduate program at Adelphi University in hopes to shape a more healthy and motivated generation of students. He aspires to coach athletics and will continue to prepare his student-athletes for the demands of sport through strength and conditioning.

Gerson "G" Melara

Gerson Melara is an assistant coach at Victory Sports Performance. His love of sports brought him to Farmingdale State College where he graduated with a B.S. in Sports Management. Throughout his years at Farmingdale State College Gerson has had the privilege of gaining experience through internships with Molloy College and Stony Brook University serving as an assistant to their Strength and Conditioning Coaches along with being an intern here at Victory Sports Performance.  Gerson’s passion for sports and wide array of knowledge gives him a great connection to all the athletes. He thrives on building strong and trustworthy relationships with each VSP athlete. He believes that getting to know each individual for who they are is the best way to help them achieve whatever goal they have set for themselves. 



Joining VSP has been one of the best decisions I have made. After it was recommended by a friend, I first came to VSP with zero experience in the gym. During my assessment, Anthony couldn’t believe I was a good athlete but he knew what it took to improve. When I was asked to write down my goals on a sheet of paper on my first day, I remember the first thing I put down: “commit to play D1 lacrosse.” A little over a year into VSP training, I made it official and committed to UVA. This goal wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t first write it on the small sheet of paper and make it evident to the trainers, who fully devote their time to helping athletes achieve their goals. Their dedication to their athlete’s success (in every aspect of sports and life), along with the amount of positivity and confidence that spreads throughout the gym is what separates VSP from the others. I recommend VSP to any person, not just athletes. It is a decision that will benefit you in every way possible.

Jack Walshe, University of Virginia and St Anthony's Lacrosse

Victory Sports Performance is a unique gym because of the programs, trainers and environment. Each program is created specially for the athlete and their sport(s). As a wrestler, my program focuses on agility, endurance and strength. Over the past 4 years I have become a better athlete and wrestler due to the workouts I have been given. During workouts the excellent trainers at VSP help you focus on your individual goals and keep you motivated. Lastly, the environment at VSP is different from any other gym. From holiday parties to combines, VSP creates a friendly, focused environment and connects athletes from different schools and sports.
I have and will continue to recommend athletes to train at VSP for these reasons. By training at VSP I have become one of the top wrestlers in the state. I know if I had not gone VSP I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have worked out at several other gyms before like Golds and LA but nothing compares to the workouts you will get at VSP.

Jake Eckerle, Stevens Institute of Technology and Commack Wrestling

When I was in 8th grade I was on a very competitive soccer and lacrosse team. I wanted to stay in shape during off seasons so that I played my best. My parents used Anthony as their personal trainer and spoke highly of his abilities and knowledge as a trainer. I began going to the gym with my dad and worked with Anthony. He asked lots of questions about my sports and the position that I played. Shortly after he designed a very specific program just for me. Nothing generic that anyone could do, but exercises that would benefit me as a soccer goalie and a defensive lacrosse player. When I entered high school I felt great. I made varsity for both soccer and lacrosse. Unfortunately I suffered an ACL tear during the lacrosse season. After several weeks of recuperation from my surgery Anthony reached out to me to continue at VSP, but with a very modified program while I continued my rehabilitation. He even worked closely with my physical therapist. I came back better then ever and had great sophomore season with lacrosse. I began looking into playing D1 lacrosse in college. Anthony’s sport specific programs continued to keep me very competitive and I began getting looks from college coaches. After I suffered a second ACL injury at a college prospect day my hopes of playing D1 began to fade. However, Anthony helped keep my dreams alive. We spent many hours talking about my future and he helped boost my confidence. I worked hard at each session and Anthony as well as all of his trainers were there to support me every step of the way. I am happy to announce that all of the hard work we all put in together helped me accomplish my dreams. I will be playing lacrosse at the United States Naval Academy beginning in the fall. I highly recommend VSP to anyone looking to stay in shape, be competitive in their sport and accomplish their dreams!

Caleb Gross, Naval Academy and St. Anthony's Lacrosse

I heard about VSP from a few people who had been training there already. They brought me in for a workout one day and immediately i got hooked on the atmosphere and energy that is VSP. It motivates you and makes you a better athlete. When I started training at VSP in November of 2018 i was 140 pounds. By March of the same year I weighed 160 and my strength and speed increased dramatically. VSP is unique because of the type of athletes and the environment they create because of it. There are athletes training for so many sports from swimming to lacrosse. It just motivates everyone to do their best. I would definitely recommend VSP to anyone who wants to build great relationships with the trainers there and the fellow athletes as well as progressing in there athletic career

Mike Wieczorek, Sacred Heart University and St. Anthony's Lacrosse

When thinking about joining VSP, I wanted an environment that made me feel welcomed and always pushed me to be my best. At VSP, everyone there is welcoming, happy, and great to be around. The environment is amazing and like no other gym. I wanted to gain weight and become an elite college athlete. After preparing to play college lacrosse a LIU, I wanted to be in the gym as much as possible to reach my goals. I did reach them at VSP with the help from the trainers and the other athletes there. I gained 10 pounds, my muscle mass went up, and I got faster and more agile. Going to the VSP was the best decision I’ve ever made and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful for the people there. They are like family to me and they treat everyone with the utmost respect and always think about others before themselves.

Nick grant, Long Island University Lacrosse

I started to train at VSP towards the end of my junior year in high school and wanted to prepare myself to play Division 1 lacrosse. It was 100% the best decision of my athletic career to start to train with VSP. I can say that they prepared me for every aspect that a Division 1 athlete encounters everyday in the weight room and on the field. I recently started to hit PR’s that I would have never expected to hit and also ran the fastest mile on my team this year (5:18) which was a huge accomplishment for me and couldn’t have been done without VSP. VSP is unique in the way that Anthony and the other trainers interact with you. The relationships I have built at VSP are truly amazing. Having Anthony travel almost 2 hours to watch me play my first collegiate game is something I will remember forever. Coming to the gym after school and the first thing you here is “How’s school going?” or even grabbing lunch and playing rounds of golf with the trainers after a workout in the summer is something you never see in other gyms and I can say that the guys there are some of my best friends. I would 100% recommend VSP to any athlete wanting to prepare and excel in a sport or even just to get in shape. VSP is truly one of a kind and I couldn’t be more grateful for them to have helped me become the athlete and man I am today.

Liam Walshe, Manhattan College Lacrosse

I wanted to join VSP because I saw many of my teammates getting hurt and wanted to do everything I could to prevent that. The program at VSP had kept me uninjured and has built up my strength to help in the specific areas I need help with. With the help of VSP I have become a top gymnast in the state and am on my way to becoming nationally ranked. As a gymnast I work on strengthening all areas of my body while also getting more flexible. Through VSP I have progressed tremendously and has become the gymnast I am today because of Anthony and the other coaches. Because of this I have recommended VSP to many of my teammates and friends and plan to continue to do so.

David Abbe, Hotshots Gymnastics

What makes VSP so unique is the programs that are sport specific as well as programmed to help you achieve the goals you want to reach. Not to mention the wonderful staff of trainers who truly care about every aspect of your workout as well as your lives outside of the gym. These programs have a variety of exercises that make a tremendous impact on any sport performance. VSP helped me reach goals that exceeded my expectations. I wanted to gain speed and strength for my performance on the soccer field, in hopes for playing time. After starting at VSP my freshman year, I began to excel in soccer and saw my work in the gym translate to my physical ability on the on field. Now I am in my senior year as an All-state/All-Region soccer player, senior captain, and going on to play soccer at SUNY Cortland. These achievements weren’t even a thought in my mind when I started at VSP freshman year, and without the help of the wonderful trainers and their knowledge I would be nowhere near where I am today.

Kyle Artura, Cortland Soccer

Victory Sports Performance is one of the best gyms to become an all-around athlete for everyone. The trainers there teach you and have you go through a variety of exercises to help develop strength, speed, agility, and endurance. I started coming to VSP right around 10th grade and ever since then, I have accomplished so much. Not only have I been able to produce squats and bench at heavier weights, but I’ve also been able to perform better on the soccer field and dominate the game. VSP is unique in so many ways. You will never have trainers and coaches care about you the same way the coaches here do. They are with you all the time and are really willing to help you succeed in the gym. It is so easy to create relationships with the coaches and even other athletes around the gym. Through this gym, I have made so many new friends and learned so much through everyone’s advice. I would definitely recommend VSP to everyone because it’s really the perfect way to become an athlete. Each athlete is given a program that is custom made for their goals and the current sports they participate in, how many gyms can say they do that?

Andres Mady-Aguiar, John Glenn Soccer


Both of my boys have been training with Victory Sports Performance for some time now. They are at very different places physically. My oldest son is a Wrestler, competing at the national level and my youngest son has never taken to any sport or activity. VSP has been able to take my Wrestler and not only make him stronger, but also improve his mobility and nutrition. He’s competing better than he ever has. VSP has definitely made a huge difference in his performance. My youngest son looks forward to going to training with Anthony. His Strength, endurance and mobility have all improved along with his attitude. We have used many trainers and coaches and when it comes to Strength, Conditioning, endurance and speed no need to go anywhere else.

Jeff Damasco

Anthony Vernice and VSP are the ideal spot for your student-athlete to train. Personally I have entrusted Anthony and VSP with my son for the past two years. We had been to other gyms and trainers, but immediately my son and I felt at home. They truly connect and care about their athletes. Their training style encourages the athlete to reach and exceed their personal goals while enjoying the process. I assure you, your son or daughter will look forward to their sessions at VSP and the connection they make with Anthony and his wonderful staff.

Keith Wieczorek, Head Coach St Anthony’s High School and Director Long Island Express Lacrosse

My husband and I began training with Anthony 5 years ago. We were so impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. We had two younger boys at the time we began, and thought it would be great to get them into the gym. Both were competitive athletes in soccer, football and lacrosse. Our youngest who was 14 at the time when he started with Anthony. He had dreams of playing lacrosse in college. Anthony learned as much as he could about him and designed very specific programs that would help him be the best athlete he could be. My older son started soon after he saw great results physically with his younger brother. The boys enjoyed their workouts and it was never a chore to get them to go. It was their special time. They both developed a close bond with Anthony and thought of him like family. My oldest went on to play D3 football in college and the season before he entered college worked out 5 days a week to prepare for his new challenge. Anthony not only helped him reach the expected goals that the football coaches put out to the players, but he surpassed many of them. My youngest unfortunately suffered two ACL injuries during his high school lacrosse years, but with Anthony’s help as well as his wonderful trainers he came back bigger, better, faster and stronger. He will be playing D1 lacrosse in college in the fall. We owe so much of the boys successes to VSP. Anthony and his staff are professional, challenging and most importantly keep the time at the gym enjoyable because they truly care about each and every athlete! I definitely would recommend VSP to anyone looking to train for greatness!!

Adam & Kim Gross

We have twin girls that play competitive field hockey and we were looking for a place for them to get stronger, faster and increase their overall fitness level so they stay healthy playing the sport they love. They play different positions and have different needs and goals, one is field player and one is a goalie. Individual assessment and custom workouts for each. My girls love VSP because of the great environment and culture, the vibe is fun, supportive, competitive and intense all at the same time. The coach’s are great they are all positive and motivating, they help them get the most of themselves. You can fill a space with weights and machines but at the end of the day it’s about the coach’s and culture of the place! I recommend to any athlete that wants to get stronger faster and stay healthy.
Another bonus is the flexible scheduling since we have to work around school and travel team practices, has a great app for easy sign up.

Bill McKenna

Our children have been training with Anthony for just under a year and their experience has truly put them on the path to fitness. They have had an extremely positive experience with personal training thanks to Anthony. Anthony is a competent, knowledgeable, passionate and well-rounded trainer with impressive qualities. Besides a vast array of knowledge pertaining to exercise programs, Anthony is also a teacher and a coach. He not only instructs the athletes with a variety of exercises, but he teaches them how they can take this with them outside of the gym and make it a lifelong skill. He emphasizes the importance of exercise and nutrition as playing a pivotal role in their lifestyle. Anthony is a motivator in that he helps each child work towards their personal goals and personal best. Our two children come from different fitness perspectives, one a soccer player the other a dancer. Anthony is adept at individualizing effective fitness programs that strengthen them in their perspective pursuits. Anthony has an uncanny ability of connecting with kids of all ages and on many different levels. Kids WANT to work for Anthony and are excited about training with him. Anthony shows genuine excitement for the kids when they accomplish steps in reaching their goals. His true belief in each child’s capabilities challenges them to work hard to achieve their goals. Anthony strikes a balance between a fun and a disciplined approach to exercise. When we asked our daughter what she likes about her training, she shared,” Anthony helps us discover what we are capable of and helps us to get there.” Anthony is excellent at utilizing an athlete’s strengths to address their weaknesses. In our son’s eyes, Anthony has become a role model who exhibits traits of hard work, perseverance and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
What makes Anthony unique as a trainer besides his excellent qualifications and competence in the field of fitness, is his philosophy in helping each individual client reach his or her personal goals and appreciating the importance of fitness in their life. We are so grateful to have crossed paths with Anthony and look forward to his continued influence in our children’s lives!!!

Ken and Ana Mady-Aguiar

I cannot say enough about Victory Sports Performance. If you are looking for a place where your child and athlete can train, this is the place. Not only has VSP taught my son the proper way to work out, but each workout was personalized for his sport, strengths, weaknesses and more importantly his injuries. Anthony is not only a trainer, but an amazing mentor to young athletes. My son will be moving on to college this year to play soccer this fall and I know he will be taking an amazing amount of information with him. Thank you VSP!

Nina Artura