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At Victory Sports Performance, we’re more than a gym; we’re a movement dedicated to transforming athletes into champions. Our expert-led programs, tailored to individual goals and potential, ensure you’re not just reaching your targets—you’re surpassing them. Join us and unlock a new level of athletic excellence.

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Foundational Pillars

Victory Sports Performance is more than a gym; it’s a community dedicated to transforming athletes and lives. Our philosophy extends beyond physical training, fostering inner strength, resilience, and growth. At VSP, excellence in athletics mirrors personal development, supported by a culture that values innovation, emotional intelligence, and community.

Our approach challenges and empowers athletes, nurturing ambitions and unlocking potential through a holistic vision combining physical prowess and mental fortitude. VSP stands out by creating an environment where every individual’s journey is championed, reflecting our commitment to improving athletes and cultivating better individuals.
Join us at VSP, where your journey toward excellence is supported by a legacy of empowerment, exploring your abilities within a community that believes in your potential.


At the heart of VSP lies Unity. We foster a supportive community where athletes unite, sharing goals and journeys towards excellence. Together, we're stronger.


Fortitude drives us. It's the courage and determination to push through challenges, embracing each as a chance for growth and resilience on the path to greatness.


Heart is our essence. We invest emotionally in each athlete's journey, building trust and understanding, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.


Empowerment is our mission. We aim to ignite the transformative power within each athlete, guiding them to recognize their potential and become self-driven champions.

Our Story

Situated in the heart of Commack, NY, Victory Sports Performance (VSP) is a standout destination for those pursuing athletic advancement and personal growth. Our mission is to empower athletes to reach their full potential, both on and off the field. With a team of dedicated coaches and a nurturing community, we provide personalized attention within a motivating group setting. Join us on a transformative journey from uncertainty to the pinnacle of your athletic and personal dreams.

Anthony, a guiding mentor with an unwavering commitment to complete development, assembled a team of dedicated coaches, each with unique skills and insights. Together, they faced skepticism head-on, transitioning from individual sessions to a semi-private model that offered personalized attention within a motivating group setting. Initially met with reluctance, this innovative approach soon won over athletes and parents alike, showcasing the effectiveness of the VSP way.

VSP’s journey is a testament to remarkable transformations. Athletes who initially faced challenges thrived within VSP’s supportive and motivating environment. From training a handful of athletes to nurturing over a thousand young talents, VSP emerged as a nurturing ground for athletic achievement. Under VSP’s guidance hundreds have successfully pursued their collegiate aspirations, achieving notable honors including All-American recognition and over 100 college commitments.

Today, VSP embodies the power of unity, fortitude, and a growth mindset. It offers a transformative journey for each athlete who walks through its doors, guiding them from uncertainty to the pinnacle of their athletic and personal dreams. For those beginning their athletic quest, VSP’s commitment extends beyond sports, embracing growth, excellence, and triumph in all aspects of life. It’s not just a place to train; it’s a transformative space where athletes are empowered to excel by supportive mentors who believe in every athlete’s potential.


Our Coaches

Meet our team of professional coaches and staff.

Anthony Vernice


Anthony Vernice, founder of VSP, combines a Health Sciences degree with CSCS and TPI certifications to inspire over 1,000 athletes. Off-duty, he enjoys golf and exploring culinary worlds.

Jake Kaplan

Director of Operations

Jake Kaplan, with a B.S. in Exercise Science and CSCS certification, is dedicated to enhancing athlete performance and well-being. He finds joy in snowboarding and beach days with friends.

Bobby Rera

Director of Nutrition

Temple University grad Bobby Rera fuels athletes’ physical and mental growth at VSP. He values VSP’s community spirit, where every success is celebrated together.

Dom Giammona

Strength Coach

Dominick Giammona’s coaching, grounded in his collegiate baseball experience, emphasizes speed, movement, and sport-specific training. Known for guiding athletes to scholarships, he’s passionate about athletic development.

Gigi Griffin

Strength Coach

Gigi Griffin, blending Exercise Science with Track & Field expertise, focuses on athletes’ physical and mental resilience. An artist at heart, she loves hiking and traveling.

Ryan Wappaus

Strength Coach

Ryan Wappaus, an Exercise Science graduate pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, specializes in rehab and conditioning, particularly for baseball athletes. He enjoys outdoor

Paul Gugliuzzo

Strength Coach

Paul Gugliuzzo, a Strength and Conditioning Coach at VSP, began his journey in 2019 as a college baseball player. After five years of training at VSP, he transitioned into coaching to share his experience with current athletes.

Our Athletes have continued on to top colleges across the United States

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