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Victory Sports Performance strives to educate, build, and lead athletes of all ages to a successful future in not only their sport, but their life. Using research driven methods, coaches build an individualized program for each athlete and team, to ensure the absolute best results. We are dedicated to establish a culture that emphasizes a positive environment while instilling the core values of respect, safety and teamwork.

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Anthony Vernice

Anthony Vernice is the Founder and the Director of Sports Performance at Victory Sports Performance. He graduated from Stony Brook University in the Spring of 2017 with his B.S. in Health Science with a concentration in Public Health. He also has his CSCS, USAW, and CAWC which all have helped shape his coaching in a variety of ways. He is committed to his craft; constantly reading and learning to help better himself to produce better training for the athletes. Through his principles he always ensures each program is individualized and tailored specifically to each athlete and their unique needs.

Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy has acted as an assistant coach and program developer for Victory Sports Performance. He graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with his B.S in Fitness and Wellness 2017. While studying to enter the field of sports performance Joe completed internships with the Stony Brook University Athletic Development Department and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Joe continuously encourages athletes to be the best version of themselves and fosters the appropriate behaviors to help them accomplish their goals. Joe has recently begun a Physical Education graduate program at Adelphi University in hopes to shape a more healthy and motivated generation of students. He aspires to coach athletics and will continue to prepare his student-athletes for the demands of sport through strength and conditioning.

Gerson "G" Melara

Gerson Melara is an assistant coach at Victory Sports Performance. His love of sports brought him to Farmingdale State College where he graduated with a B.S. in Sports Management. Throughout his years at Farmingdale State College, Gerson has had the privilege of gaining experience through internships with Molloy College and Stony Brook University; serving as an assistant to their Strength and Conditioning Coaches, along with being an intern here at Victory Sports Performance. Gerson’s passion for sports and wide array of knowledge gives him a great connection to all the athletes. He thrives on building strong and trustworthy relationships with each VSP athlete. He believes that getting to know each individual for who they are is the best way to help them achieve whatever goal they have set for themselves.

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