Elite Baseball Development Program

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The problem:

Countless times young baseball players complain that their arm hurts, velocity is not impriving, and/or find a place that can help them individually. Each athlete presents with different movement patterns and tendencies, making it difficult to find a throwing/strength and conditioning program that works for them.

Our Solution:

The Elite Baseball Development Program has developed a program that synchronizes pitching instruction with strength and conditioning under the same roof. Pitching will be led by Joe Guercio, the Head Pitching Instructor, and the Strength and Conditioning will be led by Anthony Vernice, the founder of Victory Sports Performance. The program will take each athlete and break them down, evaluating injury history, movement dysfunctions, goals, and needs of that athlete. After, a program will be designed,  tailored only to that athlete. Also, a detailed schedule will be created to ensure overuse, a real problem in the baseball world, doesn’t occur.

This program is for pitchers looking to develop athletes in a safe efficient manner. Our facility is a place where we will not only increase baseball ability, but also help put on needed size and guide the athletes through this important time in their young athletic careers.

Each athlete will begin the program with a thorough assessment; we will look at mechanics, velocity, and movement patterns. This information will be used to construct a program for that individual and adhere to all goals and needs of the athlete. We will also give the athlete nutritional guidance, mobility/warm up drills for out of the facility.

Registration opens April 1st and athletes can begin the program June 1st.

Three Options:

Elite: For college and committed collegiate athletes. The program will consist of 1-2 throwing sessions (depending on athlete) and 3 strength and conditioning sessions.

Aspiring: For middle school/high school athletes looking to take their game to a competitive level. The program will consist of 1-2 throwing sessions (depending on athlete) and 2 strength and conditioning sessions.

Youth: For young children as young as 8 years old looking to learn the basics of the game and improve motor control patterns to lead to set themselves up for a successful future. The program will consist of 1 throwing session and 1 strength and conditioning session.


Strength and Conditioning Instruction by Anthony Vernice, CSCS

Founder of Victory Sports Performance

Pitching Instruction by Joe Guercio, BS

Head Pitching Instructor

New York State High School All-State Selection 2012

Division I SUNY Stony Brook: 2013-2016

Division III SUNY Farmingdale: 2017

Registration opens April 1st and athletes can begin the program June 1st.

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