Increase Your Strength Speed Agility


During the 1-on-1 assessment, the athlete will be fully evaluated so we can optimize a training plan to fit their needs.

Semi-Private Training

Individualized training in a group setting with a coach to athlete ratio of 1:5. This ensures that each athlete is prioritized.

Team Training

Perfect for coaches looking to get their team prepared to exceed the demands of their respective sport.

Our Areas Of Expertise


Being explosive, quick, and fast in multiple planes of motion is crucial for a sport like lacrosse.


Performing an arm care program with your training is a must in order to stay on the field.


Athletes rely on their footwork, quickness, and agility in soccer in order to excel.


Power, strength, and speed. The three physical parameters needed to excel in this game.


If you cant jump, start, or stop basketball is a tough game. Training these aspects of the game will enhance the athlete to be able to get the rebound of drive through defenders.


There’s not many sports where the spotlight is just on the athlete. In a sport of individuality mental toughness is a must.


Stability and flexibility. Two parameters that need to be present in order to prevent injuries and excel at these sports.

Other Sports

Above are the most popular, but we also program for hockey, tennis, volleyball, track/field, golf, and dance.

Meet The Founder

Anthony Vernice

Anthony Vernice is the Founder and the Director of Sports Performance at Victory Sports Performance. He graduated from Stony Brook University in the Spring of 2017 with his B.S. in Health Science with a concentration in Public Health. He also has his CSCS, USAW, and CAWC which all have helped shape his coaching in a variety of ways. He is committed to his craft; constantly reading and learning to help better himself to produce better training for the athletes. Through his principles he always ensures each program is individualized and tailored specifically to each athlete and their unique needs.

What Our Athletes Have To Say About VSP

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