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Embark on a journey of transformation with VSP. Tailored programming, comprehensive growth, and a supportive community await to elevate your athletic potential.

VSP Overview

Empowering Athletes, Shaping Futures at VSP

At Victory Sports Performance, we’re more than a gym; we’re a catalyst for athletic and personal transformation. Our mission is to unlock the potential within every athlete through personalized training, cutting-edge techniques, and a nurturing community. Led by expert coaches, we offer a unique environment that fosters growth, resilience, and excellence. Join us and become part of a family committed to achieving your goals together.
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VSP Overview

Our Featured Sports

Whether through our focused semi-private sessions, collaborative team training, or specialized nutritional guidance embark on a journey to unlock your full athletic potential. We work with Athletes from every background.

Elevate Lacrosse Excellence

Boost your lacrosse journey with our specialized training, designed to elevate your game and unleash your full potential on the field.

Baseball Performance Transformation

Advance your baseball career with our comprehensive approach, focusing on arm care, rotational power, and foundational strength.

Multi-Sport Athletic Evolution

Maximize your athletic versatility those who play multiple sports, each needing different physical skill sets.


What Are Our Athletes Saying About VSP?

Transforming Athletes Through Training

At Victory Sports Performance (VSP), we’re not just about workouts; we’re about creating stories of transformation and success. Consider the journey of Marcus Johnson, a dedicated high school soccer player with aspirations of playing collegiately.

Max Hilsenroth

Harborfields High School Baseball

“I’ve been with Vsp for years now and I’ve loved everyday of it. I’ve become stronger and more agile since I joined. The workouts really push you and get the most out of you. Vsp has helped me grow as a pitcher, athlete, and person. It’s a great environment where everyone’s supportive and you can compete with yourself to be the best you can be.”

Featured Programs

Train with the Best

Semi Private

Experience tailored excellence with our Semi-Private sessions, providing advanced, individualized programs crafted to enhance athletic performance, catering to the serious athlete aiming to optimize every session.



Enhance your team with our Team Training, providing structured programs designed to enhance speed, agility, and strength, fostering cohesive growth and competitive edge tailored to your team’s unique goals.



Introduce your young athletes to the fundamentals of athleticism with our Junior Program section, offering tailored instruction in speed, agility, and foundational strength for ages 7-10, laying the groundwork for their athletic journey.



Explore expert tips, athlete stories, and training innovations at VSP’s blog.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Victory Sports Performance.

VSP combines personalized training programs with a supportive community atmosphere, focusing on both athletic and personal growth to unleash your full potential.

No, we work with athletes of all levels and ages at our facility!

VSP offers a wide range of programs – each is tailored specifically to the athlete. Some focusing on speed, others more on strength and others everything.

Getting started is easy! Contact us through our website or give us a call to schedule your initial assessment. We’ll discuss your goals and how VSP can help you achieve them.

Yes, our expert coaches can work alongside your healthcare provider to design a safe, effective training program that supports your recovery and helps prevent future injuries.

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